Mayumi Tanaka

                                        A Sneeze

For the first time in many days I ride on a train with my husband.
Each of us finds a vacant seat
away from each other.

As I watch the scenery outside,
fully green in May,
I suddenly hear a loud sneeze.

Although I'm not looking
I can feel strangely certain
it's my husband's sneeze.

Our time together as husband and wife,
in which even a single sneeze has been clearly implanted
in my consciousness, drifts away momentarily,
merging with the scenery outside.

another sneeze!

Japanese; trans. Naoshi Koriyama & Edward Lueders

Mayumi Tanaka, Japanese, trans. Naoshi KoriyamaEdward Lueders,
Furishiki Jashakitachi (Ordinary Thoughts Falling Like Rain)