Tom Koontz

Poetry Is the Life of the Soul

in the backyard, lingerie
lifts to the sun like
billows of a trombone
at a choir picnic

on the porch five
Fisherwomen (Charm
and Caution, Get The
Job Done, Shining
and Delight) down
some fast talk or
fan their long slow tales

call to them from
the alley: "Hey! Do
you all need some
bait today?" their waves

roll like a chord
across the grass
and push the flowers
higher up the fence

the air's awash
with scent of red,
the light athrum
upon the swell

the choir gives up
another shout
another horn
sets sail

and now the very
house itself
is ringing
like a skull

Tom Koontz, An Ordinary World.