Robert Francis

      Old Man's Confession of Faith

The blowing wind I let it blow,
I let it come, I let it go.

Always it has my full permission.
Such is my doctrinal position.

I let it blow, I more than let it,
I comfort give, aid and abet it.

Young long ago I would resist it.
Today, full circle, I assist it.

When the wind blows, I let it blow me.
Where the wind goes, why there I go me.

I teach the wind no indoor manners
But egg it on with flags and banners.

Whether it expedite or slow me
When the wind blows I let it blow me.

Blow long, blow late, blow wild, blow crazy
Blow paper bag, blow dust, blow daisy

Blow east, blow west–I let it blow.
I never never tell it No.

Robert Francis, Collected Poems, 1936-1976,
University of Massachusetts Press, 1985.