Inanna and the City of Uruk

You have spoken your holy command over the city
which has not declared:
"This land is yours,"
which has not declared:
"It is your father's and his father's,"
and you have blocked its path to you,
you have lifted your foot and left
their barn of fertility.
The women of the city no longer speak of love
with their husbands.
At night they do not make love.
They are no longer naked before them,
revealing intimate treasures.
Great daughter of Suen,
impetuous wild cow, supreme lady commanding An,
who dares not worship you?

  Sumerian, trans. William W. Hallo & J.J.A. van Dijk

Enheduanna, Sumerian, trans. William W. Hallo & J.J.A. van Dijk,
The Exaltation of Inanna, Yale University Press, 1972.