Jorge Luis Borges


Closing the heavy volume of Montaigne,
The tall New Englander goes out
Into an evening which exalts the fields.
It is a pleasure worth no less than reading.
He walks toward the final sloping of the sun,
Toward the landscape's gilded edge;
He moves through darkening fields as he moves now
Through the memory of the one who writes this down.
He thinks: I have read the essential books
And written others which oblivion
Will not efface. I have been allowed
That which is given mortal man to know.
The whole continent knows my name.
I have not lived. I want to be someone else.

             Spanish; trans. Mark Strand

Jorge Luis Borges, Spanish, trans. Mark Strand, Selected Poems
1923-1967, by Jorge Luis Borges, Norman Thomas DiGiovanni,
ed., Delacorte Press, 1972.