A.R. Ammons


            It is not far to my place:
you can come smallboat,
pausing under shade in the eddies
      or going ashore
                  to rest, regard the leaves

            or talk with birds and
shore weeds: hire a full-grown man not
late in years to oar you
      and choose a canoe-like thin ship:
                  (a dumb man is better and no

            costlier; he will attract
the reflections and silences under leaves:)
travel light: a single book, some twine:
      the river is muscled at rapids with trout
                  and a laurel limb

            will make a suitable spit: if you
leave in the forenoon, you will arrive
with plenty of light
      the afternoon of the third day: I will
                  come down to the landing

            (tell your man to look for it,
the dumb have clear sight and are free of
visions) to greet you with some made
      wine and a special verse:
                  or you can come by shore:

            choose the right: there the rocks
cascade less frequently, the grade more gradual:
treat yourself gently: the ascent thins both
      mind and blood and you must
                  keep still a dense reserve

            of silence we can poise against
conversation: there is little news:
I found last month a root with shape and
      have heard a new sound among
                  the insects: come.

A.R. Ammons, The Selected Poems W.W. Norton, 1975.