Miroslav Holub

                  The fly

She sat on a willow-trunk
part of the battle of Crecy,
the shouts,
the gasps,
the groans,
the tramping and the tumbling.

During the fourteenth charge
of the French cavalry
she mated
with a brown-eyed male fly
from Vadincourt.

She rubbed her legs together
as she sat on a disembowelled horse
on the immortality of flies.

With relief she alighted
on the blue tongue
of the Duke of Clervaux.

When silence settled
and only the whisper of decay
softly circled the bodies

and only
a few arms and legs
still twitched jerkily under the trees,

she began to lay her eggs

on the single eye
of Johann Uhr,
the Royal Armourer.

And thus it was
that she was eaten by a swift
from the fires of Estrees.

     Czech; trans. George Theiner

Miroslav Holub, Czech, trans. George
Theiner, Poems Before and After: Collected
English Translations, Bloodaxe Books, 2007.